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On 3 October 2010 the City Press carried an incorrect report on Seda and, in particular, the CEO.  Following Seda's objection to the coverage they published the following correction and apology on 17 October 2010.

"On October 3 we published a story under the headline “seda’s fortunes turned around… and its success is shown in the CEO’s 100% pay rise” which looked at how the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) has changed for the better under the leadership of CEO Hlonela Lupuwana.

The story indicated that the services of Lupuwana appointed in 2008, didn’t come cheap.  We reported that her yearly salary leapt from R603 351 in the 2008/09 financial year to more than R1.2 million in 2009/10.  This information does not reflect the true contents of our reporter’s interview with Seda’s representatives, which included Lupuwana, Seda Chair Linda Mngomezulu and other staff.

Lupuwana joined Seda in late September 2008.  Her salary of more than 600 000 for the 2008/09 financial year represented only the six months she held that post for that time. It was only during the 2009/10 that she served her first full year as CEO of Seda.
Her actual salary increase last year was only 5.7%.

This information was omitted in the published version of the story and created the false impression that Lupuwana’s salary had jumped by more than 100% in a single year.

Khethiwe Khubheka suggested that Seda offers loans to small enterprises - but this was based on erroneous information we supplied to her.  Seda offers non-financial business support services to small enterprises.  City Press regrets the errors and apologies for any embarrassment caused to Lupuwana and Seda.

ISSUED BY  The Small Enterprise Development Agency
MEDIA CONTACT Lindokuhle Nkomonde – Manager: Corporate Communications and Media Relations
TEL 012 441 1210
Date  Monday, 18th October 2010