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The Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) launched its 2009/10 Annual Report at its Annual Stakeholder Forum, held on 29 September 2010.

The report highlights the successes and achievements of the past year including the implementation of Seda’s strategic plan and significant progress in delivering on its mandate to develop and support small enterprises in South Africa.

The report highlights the successes and achievements of the past year including the implementation of Seda’s strategic plan and significant progress in delivering on its mandate to develop and support small enterprises in South Africa

In his overview, Seda chairperson, Mr Linda Mngomezulu, said the invaluable support of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) had elevated Seda into a national support agency of substance and worthy of its legislative mandate.

Commenting on Ms Hlonela Lupuwana’s first full term of office as CEO, he said she’d strengthened the executive management team and through sound management and requisite skills, had guided the organisation towards successfully meeting its important objectives.

Some of the successes recorded by the executive management team over the year included a focus on the financial function,  which resulted in Seda achieving an unqualified Audit Report for the second successive year as well as a marked reduction in audit findings.

Mngomezulu said that the global economic turbulences had proved devastating to the vulnerable small enterprise community, but that it was at such times that the value of Seda was best revealed in creating an environment which prevented the recession from dampening the country’s entrepreneurial spirit.

He commended the management and staff on their performance,saying their passion and dedication was evidenced by client feedback which rated 91% of Seda practitioners as good or excellent.

Looking forward, he said Seda would still strive to cultivate a culture of true entrepreneurship and create sustainable small enterprises, especially in rural communities.  Other objectives included:

Strengthening partnerships with provincial and local government agencies;

Developing a ‘client journey model’ which prioritises systematic and quality interventions; and

Prioritising co-operatives, technology and skills to lead small businesses in major national programmes.

In outlining the agency’s vision, Mngomezulu said: “The next few years hold great promise as we further roll out plans to make Seda the centre of excellence for business development in Southern Africa.”


Presenting the overview of Seda’s achievements over the 2009/10 financial year,CEO Hlonela Lupuwana said the organisation had performed well in a number of aspects, notably in corporate governance, performance management, the establishment of the Employee Equity forum, staff turnover (which was kept below the 9% annual target) as well as the introduction of new IT, CRM systems to improve on its service delivery, business processes and risk management.Consistent improvement was also shown in financial management as well as in the area of provincial partnerships.Other organisational performance highlights for the year ended 31 March 2010 included:

Through its improved systems, Seda was able to convert 50% of those who walked into its branches into clients, receiving advice  or intervensions.

Rigorous training programmes to improve service delivery to clients with specialist services through training programmes for business advisors;

The Public Sector SMME Payment Assistance Hotline, which handled more than 15 000 calls and facilitated payments to small, ;  micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs) worth R27.7 million.

“In line with our strategic objective to strengthen the organisation to deliver on its mandate, skills development for employees who are not in the business advisor category was a continued focus,”Lupuwana continued. “Our new proactive marketing and communications plan also yielded good results in building Seda’s positive profile and creating awareness of our offerings.”


Performance was highlighted against three key strategic objectives, as outlined below.With regards to enhancing the competitiveness and capabilities of small enterprises through co-ordinated services, programmes and projects the following was achieved:

Entrepreneurship awareness events were held in all provinces in collaboration with provincial partners, reaching close to 3500& amp potential and ;existing ;entrepreneurs;

90% of practitioners were rated good or excellent by clients(11% over target);

52 franchise awareness workshops were organised;

Assistance was given to 44 collectively-owned enterprises to develop co-operatives; and

The Learning Academy was launched in August 2009, with 750 participants trained.

In terms of ensuring equitable access for small enterprises to business support services,the following achievements were noted

Seda attracted 112 386 new clients and converted 10% more than targeted into registered clients;

70 803 (63%) of these received services and/or products from Seda during the year under review;and

23 874 (21%) of the clients who received these services were new;

Creating in excess of 1 150 new jobs through the Seda Technology Programme.

Lastly,in terms of strengthening the organisation to deliver on its mission,the following was achieved:

Stakeholder relationships continued to improve, resulting in a 16% increase in the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) allocation for the 2010/11 financial year;

Foreign donor funding increased by 89% to R43.5 million;

Key systems and portals were developed, such as the website, intranet and monitoring and evaluation (including risk and process management);and

Skills development completed for managerial and operational staff.


“Seda continues to maintain a good financial management record with an unqualified audit opinion for the 2009/10 financial year,” Lupuwana said.“Stability in leadership,improvement in financial management,good governance,risk management and internal audit also led to a marked reduction in audit findings from the previous year.”


Lupuwana said a future priority was strengthening existing partnerships and expanding its partnership network with public and  private sector entities and parastatals to further enhance Seda’s capacity to provide quality services to SMMEs.

ISSUED BY  The Small Enterprise Development Agency
MEDIA CONTACT   Lindokuhle Nkomonde – Manager: Corporate Communications and Media Relations

TEL           012 441 1210
Date          Wednesday, 29th September 2010