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women owned enterprise development programme

The Special Projects and Programmes Unit (SPP) within the Programme Analysis and Development (PAD) of Seda, has a mandate which has a special emphasis on projects for women. Lack of information or access to information has been frequently identified as one of the inhibitors of entrepreneurial activity in South Africa. According to the GEM report, the entrepreneurial activity for men is 7.1 compared to 4.9 for women. The risk is perhaps even greater for women entrepreneurs, not only because they have to deal with problems associated with operating in a traditionally male-dominated environment but also due to their lack of education and training in this specific field. Although men and women find it difficult to start up an enterprise, limited access to financial resources, lack of support for women entrepreneurs specifically, negative prevailing socio-cultural attitudes, gender discrimination or bias and personal difficulties seem to be specific barriers that women entrepreneurs are grappling with.

Government and its agencies had introduced some interventions to promote women enterprise development but many women are either not aware of what is available, and/ or once they know what is available, the process for accessing such support. As a result, Seda recognized that there is a need for a booklet which will be used to inform women owned enterprises on current support available (financial and non- financial) for women owned enterprises. The booklet identifies opportunities and suitable current support available for women owned enterprises, its requirements and accessing criteria.

Click here to download the information booklet.