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Biotechnology can be defined as "that body of knowledge which relates to the use of organisms, cells, or cell-derived constituents for the purpose of developing products which are technically, scientifically, and/or clinically useful." Definition is from the Joint Collection Development Policy Statement of the National Library of Medicine, The National Agricultural Library, and the Library of Congress on Biotechnology, September 1999
Associations and organisations 
The Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute - FABI
World class academic research in forest pathology and plant health.
Web sites
Selected South African links
Public Understanding of Biotechnology - PUB
The Department of Science and Technology has launched a Public Understanding of Biotechnology (PUB) programme to ensure a clear, balanced understanding of the scientific principles, related issues and potential of biotechnology and to stimulate public debate around its applications in society.
Egoli Bio - BTI
This biotechnology incubator serves as a development conduit for the commercialisation of life sciences research, products, services and technology platforms. It seeks to attract and nurture the highest quality tenants in this niche area providing business infrastructure, strategic guidance, financial and legal advice creating an environment of learning and sharing in which information, experience and ideas are freely exchanged. In addition, the incubator actively sources funding lines for individual tenants and/or projects and assists in the procurement and management of such funds.
Selected International links
Agricultural Biotechnology
University of Maryland. This site includes biotechnology resources as they relate to domestic animals, plants, and food processing. Biotechnology resources which are not obviously related to agriculture are not included.
Council for Biotechnology Information
The Council for Biotechnology Information communicates science-based information about the benefits and safety of agricultural and food biotechnology. Its members are the leading biotechnology companies and trade associations.