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Chickens & Poultry  
Legal considerations 
Before starting a chicken or poultry venture, check on any applicable regulations with your local authority or the associations and organisations given below.
Associations and organistions 
KwaZulu-Natal Poultry Institute
PO Box 101188,
Scottsville 3209.
Tel: 033 342 2814
Fax: 086 657 8602
SA Poultry Association
PO Box 1202, Honeydew 2040.
Tel: 011 795 2051/2,
Fax: 011 795 3180
Poultry Reference Laboratory
University of Pretoria,
Private Bag X04, Onderstepoort 0110.
Tel: 012 529 8224
Fax: 012 529 8306
Irene Animal Improvement Institute,
Advisory Services, P/bag X2, Irene 0062
Tel: 012 672 9239
Fax: 012 672 9159
Web sites 
Selected South African links
Chicken care and egg production
The emerging farmer - Agricultural Research Council.
Nervous conditions in chickens
The emerging farmer - Agricultural Research Council.
Respiratory diseases in chickens
The emerging farmer - Agricultural Research Council
National Department of Agriculture
The following Information Paks are available from the National Department of Agriculture.
Resource Centre, Directorate Communication, P/bag X144, Pretoria 0001.

They are also available online.
Factors affecting egg production and quality.
Feed-related problems, diseases and bad management practises can result in a decreaseed number of eggs.
Are my chickens healthy?
How to know whether your chickens are healthy.
Chicken care
Shelter and care of chickens.
Poultry: Disease prevention in chickens
Diseases may enter the flock via many sources. Afrikaans version available.
Poultry: Respiratory diseases in chickens
The causes, symptoms and treatment of respiratory diseases in chickens.
Small-scale egg production
Provide eggs for your family with 12 hens.
Poultry: Feather, skin and leg conditions
Causes and prevention of feather, leg and skin conditions. Afrikaans version available.
Poultry: Gut conditions in poultry
Guide to conditions causing gut conditions in poultry.
Poultry: Muscovy Ducks
Muscovy ducks have a number of advantages over chickens.
Poultry: Nervous conditions in poultry
Different diseases can cause nervous conditions. Afrikaans version available.
Poultry: Newcastle disease
Newcastle is a serious disease of poultry in Southern Africa.
Practical egg production
This guide will show you how to build, manage and maintain your own affordable household egg production unit on a small scale.
Selected International links
Small chicken house
Small scale poultry coops seem to be built in almost every possible shape and size. Those building a new coop often ask for plans for the perfect chicken coop. However, few plans for small poultry houses are available. Many existing buildings can easily be adapted to accommodate poultry. Poultry housing can be as crude or elaborate as you wish to build.
Starting chickens from scratch.
Farmer's Weekly, 7 April 2000, pp26 -28.
The rearing of chickens.
Bowes, E. Poultry Bulletin, September 2000.
Backyard chicken-keeping.
Farmer's Weekly, 10 December 1999.
Fine-tuning the art of raising broilers.
Farmer's Weekly, 17 December 1999.
Introductory Poultry Course.
Presented by the Animal Improvement & Animal Nutrition and Animal Products Institutes, Irene.
Private Bag X2, Irene, 0062.
Tel: 012 672 9111
Fax: 012 665 1609