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STP Incubation  

Stp’s incubation division, which has more than 24 incubation centers spread across the country in specific sectors. The incubation division uses three different organizational models of Technology Business Centres to incubate both start-ups and enterprises requiring rehabilitation:

  1. Technology Demonstration Centres (TDCs), which focus on demonstrating, exhibiting and providing training in the use of available technologies – especially with regards to value-addition processes
  2. Technology Incubators (TIS), which provide a sheltered and protected environment within which to support and nurture technology-based start-ups and enterprises requiring ‘rehabilitation / resuscitation’
  3. Hybrid Centres combine elements of the previous models whilst at the same time incorporating elements or features of the local environment within which these centres are located, to address specific needs of the small enterprises within that environment.

Irrespective of the model a centre/ incubator may follow, they are expected to address the seven focus areas in order to deliver on the mandate of the programme and to ensure Stp fulfils its promise of turning 8 in 10 failures into 8 in 10 successes.