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STP Quality  


  1. To promote the importance of Quality and Standards as key drivers of South Africa’s competitiveness;
  2. To enhance the quality & standard of products and services produced by South African entrepreneurs for export markets through providing advice and technical support;
  3. To develop technical skills needed to create a broader understanding of national and international compliance standards;
  4. To provide Systems Support to South African firms to upgrade their industrial capabilities through standards and Quality assurance with a key focus on Small Medium & Micro Enterprises;
  5. To provide Conformity Assessment support to Small Businesses in South Africa and helping them to overcome technical barriers to trade.

Overview of the Unit

The unit’s main objective is to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of small enterprise in South Africa. Our goal is to promote Quality and Excellence as competitive tools for SMME’s, cooperatives and incubators in realizing their short, medium and long term strategic objectives. The government national strategy of consolidating small enterprise into strong competitors will be achieved by using Quality as a lever for their growth and sustainability.

Three dimensional approaches

Development: The unit provides well designed, researched and tested support programmes on Quality and Excellence methodologies. That is being achieved by workshops for the awareness of Quality principles, trainings that are designed to introduce the enterprises to local and international standards. Publications that are well package to inform and expose all stakeholders to global competitiveness trends.

Competitiveness: Enterprises are encouraged to apply and implement Quality management systems to have an edge in the market. Different Quality systems are provided that suits small enterprises of all sectors. Enterprises by using Quality principles will be able to understand and be able to compete anywhere in the world.

Sustainability: In order to remain in business the enterprises needs to continuously improve. Reviews, assessments and evaluation of processes, procedures and policies have to be an ongoing exercise. Monitoring of organizational strategic objectives needs to be measured in meeting customer’s expectations.

The purpose is to: Stimulate SMME’s and co operatives in creating a new paradigm of Quality & Excellence in their thinking. Our objective remains building an enterprising nation as per Seda’s vision, enterprise that will be able to compete and benchmark themselves with the best in the global arena. The units offerings are designed in phases that will introduced enterprises to well structured methods to meet their goals without missing track of what has to be done.