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Technology Transfer  

STP provides a range of services that enables industry, and in particular small enterprises in the 2nd Economy, to access and transfer technology. STP has defined the “2nd Economy”, as broadly referring to the mainly informal, marginalized, unskilled to semi-skilled, and those unemployable in the formal sector, who cannot afford appropriate technology to propel them into the mainstream economy. The Technology Transfer Division (TTD) of STP manages a Technology Transfer Fund (TTF) that provides funding for small enterprises to acquire the necessary technology and technical support for effective technology transfer transactions.


The TTD promotes and facilitates the transfer of technology, which is appropriate, effective and competitive, to small enterprises with main focus on the second economy business irrespective of race and gender.


Improving access to technology information by small enterprises

  1. Development and maintenance of technology specialist and supplier database
  2. Publish latest patent and licensing information
  3. Facilitate the demonstration of new technology through technology awareness workshops.

Improve access to technology transfer funding through structured referrals to funding institutions

  1. Develop and maintain information on sources of technology transfer funding (fund man)
  2. Develop and implement a financial modelling tool to assess client risk and recommend the best funding option.
  3. Funding the acquisition of technology through technology transfer fund to maximum of R600 000.
  4. Manage the implementation of every funded project to ensure that all objectives are met.

Facilitate access to technology through facilitation of business-to-business linkages

  1. Link inventors/ universities or science councils with small enterprise or entrepreneur with matching needs.
  2. Facilitate technology partnerships between businesses locally and internationally.
  3. Negotiation/ Facilitation of Licensing Agreements

Technology consulting

  1. Develop and implement technology audit tool
  2. Assessments of gaps in the technology deployed by small enterprises through proactive company visits and open day clinics at incubation centres.
  3. Evaluate technology requirements of clients of incubation centres.
  4. Benchmark the technology in the incubation centres and facilitate the acquisition of the latest technology

Technology Transfer Network
Science councils
Government Agencies
Technology Suppliers
Finance Institutions
International TT Institutions
Patent Attorneys (License Agreements)
Other Technology Programmes - eg. Tshumisano