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Technology Transfer Fund application

The Technology Transfer Fund (TTF) of the Seda Technology Programme annually opens a window of opportunity for small enterprises to start the application process for assistance in growing their business through the funding of technology. The window for the 2017/18 financial year is open for applications between 1 April 2017 and 30 June 2017.

Clients are requested to work with their nearest Seda branches or Seda-supported incubators nationwide in obtaining and submitting TTF application forms and accompanying documents.

Funds are limited, only approximately the top 10% of all applications received are able to be approved. Selection is thus highly competitive, based on the return on investment of the interventions through job creation and sales growth, to be continuously monitored over the contract period of 3 years. The pre and post-intervention support of branches and incubators is key to the assessment and success of the applications and implementation of approved projects.

It is advised that applicants should seek comparable quotations from reputable suppliers that are registered with the Central Supplier Database (CSD) of the National Treasury, and whose tax affairs are in order on CSD, since Tax Clearance Certificates are no longer used for verification. Seda will not accept applications that include suppliers not registered with CSD.

Kindly note that NO LATE APPLICATIONS will accepted after 30 June 2017, and early applications are encouraged.

More detail on what sectors are funded, is available in the information sheet.

We look forward to continuing to make an impact on the future of our country, by supporting and growing the innovative entrepreneurs that are the heart of our economy.