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SEDA Automotive Technology Centre (SATeC)  

The Automotive Industry Development Centre, AIDC, CSIR Enterprise Development Centre and the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) came together to form a consortium that developed the basis for the formation of SATeC through the STP funded technology programme.

Together the three consortium members have been extensively involved in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) work and have existing programmes supporting both formal industry and small business in the automotive sector. SATeC provides the opportunity to leverage their expertise in developing technology start-ups.

SATeC is a non-profit organisation located in Gauteng within the Rosslyn industrial area north of Pretoria. The business location is within the well established, Blue IQ initiated, Automotive Supplier Park (ASP), which is in close proximity of four Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as a significant number of suppliers.


The critical objective of SATeC is to stimulate the active and efficient participation of technologically driven SMEs and emerging suppliers in the automotive sector, and enhance the marketability and quality of technologies developed as well as technology transfer programmes.

This will be achieved through a process of enterprise creation, whereby a comprehensive range of services will be provided, that is managed in a professional and "hands-on" manner. The notion of providing entrepreneurs with a "one-stop" system of enterprise support is central to the SATeC concept.


SATeC is a viable incubator through which automotive focused technology-based start-ups and emerging suppliers are created, nurtured and grown to become independent and sustainable businesses.


The mission of SATeC is to stimulate active and efficient participation of technology driven start-ups and emerging suppliers in the Automotive Sector through the provision of one-stop technology and business development services, delivered on high operational efficiency, financial performance and sustainability.

Core Activities

SATeC is a technology incubation centre focused on the development of Start-up's whose ultimate objective is to develop technology influenced products or services for the automotive industry.

The centre assists start-ups in developing the technical competence of their product or service to the high standards of the automotive industry. This is done by providing access to research institutions, academia and organisations with knowledge of the intricacies of technology development in relation to the automotive sector.

The centre assists in the commercialisation of developed technologies. Business support services are offered with the aim to grow start-up companies into fully-fledged established suppliers of products or services to the automotive industry. Internally run programmes give start-ups access to highly qualified business support specialists and service providers.

The business development element assists start-ups with the establishment of markets for developed products, by creating linkages with automotive component manufactures, after market distributors and international original equipment manufactures (OEM).




Tel: (012) 564 5592
Fax: 0866 072 832