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life sciences incubator  


eGoli BIO is a not-for-profit business incubator, created for the purpose of nurturing entrepreneurial life sciences and biotechnology companies, helping them to survive and grow during the start-up phase, when they are most vulnerable.

The Incubator serves as a conduit for the commercialisation of life sciences research, products, services and technology platforms and, as such, reflects the South African Governments commitment to Biotechnology as a key sector for future economic growth. eGoli BIO offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to commercialise their products and/or services within a technology-intensive, collaborative environment providing infrastructural support combined with strategic, commercial and legal assistance, with the ultimate goal of developing new biotechnologies into viable business enterprises.


eGoli BIO will be the leader in the incubation of life science business in South Africa and a driving force in the development of a sustainable and vibrant biotechnology sector.



  • To create and develop small and medium enterprises in the life science sector; To create employment and accelerate Black Economic Empowerment; To facilitate the conversion of the life science technologies into sustainable commercial enterprises.


  • To empower innovators to become entrepreneurs who translate ideas into business;
  • To facilitate access to appropriate resources and business acumen;
  • To identify emerging technologies and business opportunities;
  • To facilitate access to funding;
  • Engage stakeholders to maximize growth of the life science sector.


  • We adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance;
  • We embrace Black Economic Empowerment;
  • We adhere to national and international Bio-ethics guidelines.


  • eGoli BIO subscribes to the values of human dignity, equality, freedom, integrity, tolerance, respect, justice and commitment to excellence.

We offer

  1. Business Development Support: Assistance with Market Research, Business Plan Development, Intellectual Property Management, Financial Planning and Fund Sourcing.
  2. Physical Infrastructure: Flexible Office Space (fully furnished and serviced); IT Network and High Speed Internet Access; Reception; Secretarial and Administrative Services; Meeting Rooms. Kitchen and Canteen Facilities; Access to Meeting Rooms; High Level of Security; Resource Centre; Shared Services such as printers, photocopiers, etc.
  3. Access to Speed Capital;
  4. An Environment of Learning and Sharing
  5. Exposure to Strategic Partners and Service Provider;
  6. Access to Laboratory and Pilot Plant Facilities;
  7. In-house Training, Workshop and Courses


  • Increases Start-up Success Rates;
  • Venture Evaluation - Advisory Panel;
  • Access to Mentorship, Business Savvy and Support Structures;
  • Affiliation with the Incubator - Increases Credibility;
  • Financial Support Generally Easier to Obtain (risk to investor is minimised);
  • Networking and Commercial Opportunities with Other clients;
  • Supportive Community - Entrepreneurial Atmosphere;
  • Subsidisation of Essential Services;

eGoli Bio
Life Sciences Incubator

Tel: (011) 605-2941
Fax: (011) 605-2943