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SEDA Construction Incubator (SCI)  

The SEDA Construction Incubator was established in order to provide support services and resources to eligible businesses, with a view of elevating them beyond mere survivalist modes of operation, and is aimed at developing the local economy of Durban.

Emerging contractors, who have demonstrated the potential to rise to the challenges facing the industry, will be identified and provided with the support and any other feasible interventions necessary to advance them.

The goal is to support the businesses until they are:

  • Capacitated to undertake a greater volume and level of construction works,
  • Capable of articulating their own vision for the future of their company,
  • Able to resource themselves accordingly, and
  • In possession of the necessary operational and financial framework, management skills, succession plan and ultimately execution capacity to make their vision a reality.

The Incubator will provide business support services throughout the entire project cycle, from planning to execution. The services will include but are not limited to:

  • Business Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Technical Support
  • HR Management
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Tender Phase Support
  • Construction Phase Support
  • Medium-long Term Sustainability
  • Resident and Virtual Beneficiaries 

The Incubator will function as an administrative head office for the beneficiaries and in addition to supporting contractors in their business endeavors, will target work opportunities for contractors by identifying appropriate contracts under procurements by primarily departments within the Ethekwini Municipality.

These will typically include roads, drainage, township services, community halls, clinics and recreation facilities, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering projects.

It is anticipated that the Incubator will function as a comprehensive Resource Centre for associated contractors. The resources available will range from the skills provided by staff and consultants, to administration back-up, legal and technical information and of course, access to projects.

The vision of the Incubator as a one-stop resource centre for contractors is one that needs to be pursued by all stakeholders.


SEDA Construction Incubator

127 Alice Street, Durban, 4001
Tel: (031) 309 4940/2/3
Fax: (031) 309 4946