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Mpumalanga Agri Skill Development and Training (MASD&T)  

Mpumalanga Agri Skills Development & Training (MASD&T) was established in 2005 with the mandate to promote sustainable agricultural empowerment, development and entrepreneurship of primarily previously disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Due to the dual nature of the agricultural sector in South Africa, the imbalances were rather obvious, particularly within the previously disadvantaged communities. Provincial Government deemed these imbalances fit to be redressed.

The province is predominantly rural and underprivileged, and previously disadvantaged individuals lack basic factors of production such as land, machinery and capital.

With its positioning of being able to deal effectively with such disparities, MASD&T is aimed at developing people and skills, through funding of viable agricultural enterprises and development of people's capacity by means of business advice, counseling, training and access to markets.


The critical objectives of the MASD&T are to, first and foremost, create sustainable small agricultural enterprises and to lower the risk for financiers, thereby making funding more accessible.

On a much larger scale, the organisation strives to alleviate poverty through the creation of job opportunities, uplift social structures and finally, bridge the gap between communities and government policies.


To provide quality training and development services in all agricultural fields and life skills to the disadvantaged communities and entrepreneurs of the Mpumalanga region of South Africa.


MASD&T endeavours to become well established within Mpumalanga and throughout the entire country and to develop strategic alliances with business partners. Furthermore the organisation aims to provide quality training for both the unemployed and the employed workforce, as well as to enhance the sustainability of the agricultural sector



Tel: (013) 754 1144
Fax: (013) 755 4028