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To be the center of excellence for cooperatives and collectively owned enterprises in South Africa



To promote entrepreneurship and develop small enterprises by providing customised non-financial business support services that results in business growth and sustainability in collaboration with other role players



Ensure that cooperatives grow and increase their contribution to sustainable and equitable social and economic development, employment and wealth creation.



  • Increase the number of cooperatives trading in townships though coordinated efforts with other stakeholders

  • Increase the number of cooperatives trading in rural areas through coordinated efforts with other stakeholders

  • Increase the number of cooperatives supported through supplier developments development program and through transversal agreements generated through DSBD



Rural Enterprise empowerment Process (REEP): the REEP provides a comprehensive reference point to support implementers and other in addressing complex challenges. It enables the facilitation and development of sustainable enterprises in a way that also leads to effective empowerment of the collectives involved.

There are three (3) operational phases that a collective enterprise goes through.


Enterprise development

Transfer and Transformation


Within each phase, a number of activities take place and a number of criteria must be met before progressing to the next phase


OMOP (One Municipality One Product):

OMOP is a regional development approach in which a community is encouraged and supported I producing one competitive product and its entire value chain as a business to gain sales revenue and improve the livelihood of the members of the community.

In this regard the aim is to facilitate the establishment of successful OMOP projects in as many municipalities as possible. At the very minimum each district municipality would have to own its OMOP project.


Kwathi Koka
Sector Manager: Agri-Business, Mining and Mineral Beneficiation, EDD
012 441 1318