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The Incubation programme is a 3 year programme  designed to strengthen technology commercialization and harness the entrepreneurship of the technology community in South Africa.

Qualification criteria

Anybody with a viable business idea or any registered small micro and medium enterprise (SMME) that is struggling to grow.​
Each of the 72 Seda supported incubators has its own incubatee recruitment/selection process that is unique to their sector. Applicants must contact the relevant incubator for the recruitment criteria

Benefits to SMMEs

Through Incubation enterprises develop skills, knowledge and markets. These improvements are intended to lead to increased profitability and growth. 

Enterprises will be able to employ more people and enter new markets with cutting-edge products and services.

Contact Details

Tervern Jaftha

Senior Manager: Incubation

Tel: 012 441 1366/1000 Fax: 012 441 2366


Ad Vacancy - Finance Administrator Closing Date 14 June 2019.pdf
6/3/2019 10:37 AMTebogo Mathembe-NO
Ad Vacancy - Receptionist Closing Date 21 June 2019.pdf
6/3/2019 10:36 AMTebogo Mathembe-NO
Board Member Vacancy.pdf
5/20/2019 10:47 AMTebogo Mathembe-NO
Business Plan Format Rev 2.docx
5/20/2019 11:37 AMTebogo Mathembe-NO
Call for nominations for vacancies on the Nomakwezi Darling Benya Incubatio Centre May 2019.pdf
5/20/2019 11:38 AMTebogo Mathembe-NO
Call or nominations for vacancies on the Matsila Incubatio Centre May 2019.pdf
5/2/2019 8:40 AMTebogo Mathembe-NO
EIP Application Final  (2).xls
5/2/2019 8:51 AMTebogo Mathembe-NO
Financial template.xlsx
5/2/2019 8:51 AMTebogo Mathembe-NO
Incubation policy- reviewed 2018 board approved.pdf
6/6/2019 1:46 PMTebogo Mathembe-NO
Manager Incubation.pdf
5/2/2019 8:40 AMTebogo Mathembe-NO
Return on Investment Calculator (ROI).xlsx
5/6/2019 9:00 AMTebogo Mathembe-NO
5/2/2019 8:52 AMTebogo Mathembe-NO