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 TTF Applications

 Technology Transfer Fund –Application window

 Opened : 5 December 2018

 Closing date: Friday 15 February 2019


Applications are to be submitted via Seda branches or Seda-supported incubators, no direct applications can be accepted, and no late submissions of application forms or accompanying documents can be accepted.​


Click below to download the Technology Transfer​ :


  •  The unit for Quality Standards, Technology Transfer and Innovation (QS&TT) is part of the Seda Technology Programme (STP), offering technical business interventions.
  •   Innovative small/medium/micro enterprises (SMMEs) apply via the nation-wide network of Seda branches and business incubators, which assess the business and refer cases to the QS&TT unit, to support their clients to increase productivity and competitiveness, improve sales and employment, and grow the economy.


Innovation Support


  • Open Innovation Challenges – solving core supply-chain and supplier-development challenges of large private and public corporates, by working with the nation-wide Seda network of branches and business incubators to source innovative SMMEs with specific skills, products and services that are able to pitch novel solutions to the challenges, thus improving access to markets.

  • SMME Innovation Forums – sector-specific multi-stakeholder events, sharing entrepreneurial knowledge and skills for SMMEs, facilitating introduction to latest sector innovations, appropriate technology and intellectual property, with stimulating peer-networking and forming of productive partnerships. Engagements with universities, research institutions, design and innovation centres, science councils, for knowledge sharing on relevant technology and intellectual property to upscale production. Some examples of sector forums held: Industry 4.0, Cosmeceuticals, Automotive, Textiles, Construction, Agro-Processing.

  •  Investor Pitching – "Pitch & Perfect" sessions, closing the gap between entrepreneurs and investors, arranging nation-wide pitching competitions with judging panels of funders, together with entrepreneurial pitching masterclasses, supporting innovative SMMEs to present their business cases more effectively, thus improving access to finance for SMMEs, and impactful deal-flow for investors. Examples of funders, and investor criteria, e.g. IDC, Sefa, FinFind, can be found at under "About Seda -> Useful Links".

Quality Stand​ar​ds​

  •  Quality Health Checks – ​​On-site gap audits to assess suitability of current state and future requirements of SMME applicants from the Seda network of branches and incubators, for management system certifications, product conformity testing and design interventions.

  •  Management Systems – Assisting SMMEs in implementing their business systems that improve productivity and access to national or international markets, through compliance to national and international standards. Typical management systems include: ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14000 Environment, SANS 18000 Health & Safety, ISO/FSSC 22000 Food Safety, and others such as testing laboratories, welding, and medical devices. Once system implementation is complete and functioning, further support for certification audits can be assessed.

  • ​Product Testing – Promoting access for SMMEs to accredited laboratory testing and conformity certification of their products to national standards, product labelling, and compulsory regulations. Examples: food, beverages, construction materials, chemicals, clothing, cosmetics.

  • Product Design – Improving product and packaging design for SMMEs, through design-thinking workshops, design clinics for product-specific advice, and design support to improve product and packaging functionality and aesthetics.

Technology Transfer​

  • Technology Transfer Fund – Support for clients of the nation-wide Seda network of branches and incubators to acquire innovative, production-enhancing technology and intellectual property, to assist SMMEs in the manufacturing sector having turnover below R5million, to provide impact return on investment for the fund by growing revenue and employment over a 3-year contract period. Funding is limited and the annual funding window is always highly over-subscribed. Thus a rigorous and competitive evaluation process assesses applicant's potential impact, and in return the SMMEs in the investment portfolio often achieve over 100% growth during the contract.​

  •  Incentive Application Criteria – Applicants are required to work with their nearest Seda branch office or Seda-supported incubator to obtain and submit TTF application forms together with the lists of documentation required for due diligence, and the annual funding window dates. The pre-​ and post-investment support of the Seda network is key to creating sustainable impact, thus applications not coming via branches or incubators cannot be accepted.                

           See information sheet for detail on the application criteria and process.

           Brief summary of key criteria:

    • Producing in manufacturing sectors which are under-supplied, core of a globally-competitive economy, creating multiple additional downstream opportunities.
    • Show a distinct and differentiated competitive edge that can be enhanced through productive technology.
    • Existing products with growing market demand, sales channels and established pricing.
    • Annual sales turnover below R5million.
    • Access to secure premises and appropriate production infrastructure.
    • Accurate management accounts and annual financial records.
    • Proven marketing actions, competitor analysis, and 3-year cost/revenue projections
    • Able to commit by contract into 3 years of continuous performance reporting, to deliver impact and return on the investment.
    • Comparable quotations for technology from reputable, National Treasury CSD-registered, tax-compliant suppliers for each item required.
    • Own co-funding for 10% of the request value.

Contact Details

      Seda network of over 100 branches and incubators throughout the country

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