Export development programme

The Export Development Programme aims to develop and generate export-ready small enterprises that are globally competitive and able to grow markets both locally and internationally.

The Programme consist of:

     • Assessments

     • Trainings 

     • Workshops

     • Export development assistance

     • Promotional support

Qualification criteria

Seda has a screening tool called Export Readiness Assessment Tool (ERAT) which is used by the Seda branches for Export Development Programme participation. The following criteria is used to assist a Business Advisor to select a potential or emerging exporter.

     • Product/services should have a niche or competitive edge;

     • A market match should exist for the product/services;

     • Enterprise must be committed to develop an export market;

     • Enterprise should have access to finance;

     • Enterprise should have internal capacity for additional markets; and

     • Business Advisor should recommend participation based on his/her own experience and assessment.

Benefits to SMMEs

The programme is designed to help small enterprises in South Africa to acquire and apply practical skills in developing their export capabilities

Contact details                          
John Maloka                                                                    Liya Cherian
Specialist: Programme Implementation                           Specialist:Programme Implementation
email:jmaloka@seda.org.za                                             email: lcherian@seda.org.za
tel:012-441-1149                                                             tel: 012-441-4733
                                                                                       mobile: 076 466 4733