The National Gazelles is a flagship SME support programme of Seda and the Department of Small Business Development. 

It aims to identify and support SMEs with growth potential through a comprehensive range of business growth-oriented programmes, activities and partnerships. Through its combination of financial and non-financial support, the National Gazelles aims to assist members to grow faster and more profitably than they would normally do.

Our aim is to ensure that each National Gazelles’ business trades as closely as possible to its maximum potential – thus helping to create jobs and grow key industry sectors for the future.
Although all businesses are welcome to apply and are eligible to join, the programme emphasizes black-owned businesses in line with the national transformation agenda. 

Qualification criteria

       •  Turnover R1m

       •  2 years in business

       •  Employ 2 or more people

       •  Subject to an online application and a selection process

Benefits for SMMEs

       •  Customised business mentorship, support and coaching

       •  Participation in international trade and business visits 

       •  Access to a broad library of online tools and business resources

       •  Procurement opportunities from state-owned enterprises and other companies
       •  Facilitated access to funding for growth and expansion 

       •  Access to special products, services and benefits from Gazelles partners

   Contact Details

   Bongani ​Gwamanda​                                      Ambrose Kgaugelo Makgwal
   Specialist: Programme Implementation​         Manager : Programme Management
   Tel: 012 441 1023 Fax: 012 441 2232             Tel :(012) 441 1132 Fax :2787 286 5269
    Email: bgwamanda@seda.org.za​                  Email: amakgwale@seda.org.za​​