The National Gazelles is a flagship SME support programme of Seda and the Department of Small Business Development. It aims to identify and support SMEs with growth potential through a comprehensive range of business growth-oriented programmes, activities and partnerships. Through its combination of financial and non-financial support, the National Gazelles aims to assist members to grow faster and more profitably than they would normally do. 

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Qualification criteria

  • Turnover R1m 
  •  2 years in business ​ 
  • Employ 2 or more people 
  • Subject to an online application and a selection process 

Benefits for SMMEs ​

  • Customised business mentorship, support and coaching
  • Participation in international trade and business visits 
  • Access to a broad library of online tools and business resources
  •  Procurement opportunities from state-owned enterprises and other companies 
  • Facilitated access to funding for growth and expansion 
  • Access to special products, services and benefits from Gazelles partners 

Contact Details

Bongani ​Gwamanda​                                                                             Ambrose Kgaugelo Makgwal 

Specialist : Programme Implementation​                                             Manager : Programme Management 

Telephone: (012) 441 1023 Fax: (012) 441 2232                                  Telephone: (012) 441 1132 Fax : (087) 286 5269 

Email add : bgwamanda@seda.org.za​                                                 Email: amakgwale@seda.org.za ​​​​​​​

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