Supplier Development Programme


Seda Supplier Development Programme (SDP) is aimed at strengthening the performance of supplier firms by enabling them to acquire the skills and capabilities required to make them globally competitive. The programme attempts to raise awareness on opportunities available to supply to corporates and state owned enterprises. The programme also assists them to reduce the costs of supply.  The supplier development Programme presents several advantages to the buying firm as well as the supplier which yield benefits to the economy.

Qualification criteria

The programme targets SMMEs that have gone past the start-up phase and the potential to become suppliers of goods and services to state owned enterprises, government and the private sector.

         •  Client participation is customized to the buyer’s needs;
         •  Clients’ eligibility to participate in the programme is determined by the buyer; and 
         •  Seda will be involved in the selection process of beneficiation to participate in the programme.

Benefits to SMMEs

       •  Capacitated SMME participants so that they have the ability to do business with corporate sector entities;
       •  Provision of a platform for SMMEs to access potential business opportunities provided by big businesses; 
       •  Improve growth and diversification through procurement; and
       •  Facilitate localised supply chains.

Contact Person

Ambrose Kgaugelo Makgwale
Manager: Programme Management
Tel: 012 441 1132