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Andrewsha Enterprise   
South African consumers are very brand-conscious, even in remote rural areas. Annalise da Gama, owner of Andrewsha Enterprise, discovered this when she tried to market her Mzanzi brand of atchaar products throughout Limpopo province.
The company had the following challenge:

Consumers didn't know the brand and were sceptical about its safety and quality. In despair, Annalise turned to Seda for answers.
 Solution by Seda
The Seda Business Advisor suggested a range of measures to help build the Mzanzi brand. It started with submitting the atchaar for testing by the South African Bureau of Standards, which confirmed that the product is safe and nutritional. Seda then provided basic business training and HACCP training to ensure compliance with food safety standards. Finally, Seda assisted Annalise with marketing material to build brand recognition.
Today, Mzanzi achaar is stocked by at least four major retailers in Limpopo, along with several non-franchised retailers. Eight new jobs have been created at Andrewsha Enterprise and the company has grown its turnover by a whopping 1400%.
 From the desk of Analise da Gama
“I was losing hope but Seda has done wonders,” says a thrilled Analise da Gama. “I now approach the market with unsurpassed confidence. What a wonderful and eye-opening road we have travelled, and I thank Seda for all their help.”