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Basisa Primay Cleaning Cooperative   

Basisa Primay Cleaning Cooperative was born out of a responsible corporate citizen’s desire to make a difference in the community where it operated. Halls Property pursued a different root of Corporate Social Investment. Rather than giving money to projects that do little to create new employment, the company decided to form an enterprise to be run by youth coming from Nelspruit in 2012. Because of its expertise on start-up advisory and guidance, Seda was invited to form part of the discussions and advise on the best vehicle to use by the youth enterprise.

The agency facilitated a co-operative training session with 11 young people who responded to the call by Hall Properties, and who were keen to join the youth enterprise. Seda also appointed a service provider to train the members of the Basisa co-op on cooperative governance, basic business skills and mentorship.

To this day, Seda continues to be involved in business counseling and advice for the co-operative member on challenges such as dealing with diligent and inactive members, salary discrepancies, bookkeeping and financial reporting.

Despite that the co-operative was formed with the initiative of Hall Properties, the co-operative is now approaching other opportunities with companies in the area such as the Mbombela stadium which was successful. Halls Properties also brought other stakeholders to assist the co-operative with equipment or training. Rudaman donated brush cutters whilst Servest contributed with technical training, horticultural practice and management.

The business has already created eight permanent jobs which are filled by members of the co-operative. Another 18 people have had temporary positions with the co-operative since it was formed in 2012. Financially, the co-operative is also making steady strides towards stable income from the various projects currently being serviced. In the 12 months to December 2013, the cooperative generated revenue of R382 000 from its various projects. This is sustainable income as some of the projects are on long term, and the potential to secure contacts looks brighter.