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Inembe Baby Food Porridge   

Quality plus identity equals success

Inembe Baby Food Porridge is a fine maize product which claims to help children grow healthy and strong. But the problem that faced Mrs Julia Kostakis, the owner of Inembe Food, was how to prove that claim.

Enter Seda. We arranged for Inembe Baby Food Porridge to be tested by the SABS. It passed with flying colours and was found to be packed with multivitamins and minerals and safe for consumption by children!

With the product authenticated, we then assisted them to comply with necessary standards for food manufacturers. Through a business plan Seda helped prepare, Inembe was able to access financing to revamp its whole operation to make it HACCP compliant.

We’ve also helped them create an identity for the product. Major supermarkets like Boxer Superstores, Spar, Pigspeak and Simunye happily carry the product on their shelves now.