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Makha Promotions & Dietetic Solutions   

The instant porridge market has huge potential in developing continents like Africa where poverty, food shortage and malnutrition is often a challenge. Makha Promotions and Dietetic Solutions is plugging that gap with its range of nutritious ready to eat or drink products which have been in the market since 2012. Makha Promotions and Dietetic Solutions is 100 % black owned entity that was founded by Mrs Mandla Tshabalala of Edenglen in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng province.

The instant porridge product made by Makha Promotion was invented by Mrs Tshabalala who is a qualified Dietician. The instant porridge powder can be mixed with water or milk, and is suitable for both children and adults. The solution provides low cost food product to supplement the nutritional needs of consumers who are underfed and from poor communities.

Seda was approached in 2013 as the business faced countless challenges associated with small business growth such as insufficient certification, branding and market linkage.

Makha’s products were not certified by the South Africa Bureau of Standards, making it difficult to break into the mainstream retail space. This was also making it difficult for the product to be accepted in the public sector – health or basic education level.

The company also did not have sufficient product branding and marketing tools. Once Seda was engaged, the Business Advisor conducted site visits and the Small Business Assessment Tool (SBAT) was used to assess the business on a more in –depth basis.

Product testing was done and SABS approval and certification was secured. The SABS endorsement has opened new markets for the products and resulted in increased sales as new selling platforms were secured.

Seda also facilitated for the products to be professionally packaged and for business branding to be applied. Other interventions included orientation into Export Readiness Training which is expected to smooth the path for the company to obtain an export licence.

The various intervention has assisted the business to experience significant growth in the past year, creating 17 new job opportunities at the same time. The business revenue has risen sharply to almost R1 million in the past year, with profits of about R186 000 at the same time.

“The support of Seda has had a positive impact on the business. We are extremely satisfied with the effect that the SABS approval has helped Makha Promotions and Dietetic Solutions to take off in market place,” says Mrs Tshabalala.