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Elvis Sedutla bought a 31 hectare farm in Tzaneen in 2008 with the intention of establishing a hatchery which would deliver good quality eggs to be sold at local retail stores. To achieve this dream, Sedutla started his farming with 400 chickens and had 500 by the end of 2012. The eggs were being produced, but instead of flying of the shelves of local retail stores they were piling up at the farm as shops needed the packaging to have certain acceptable standards and bar coding before packing them on their shelves. At this stage, Manopi was selling the eggs to individual customers from the farm and the stock was piling up.

His business idea would only flourishing if his stock was sold through supermarkets to a bigger customer base.

Elvis approached Seda for assistance in resolving the issue and the agency’s assessment was undertaken. As expected by the retail shops, the agency agreed that the initial intervention in Manopi will be the development of packaging material for the eggs with bar codes.

Since the roll out of the new packaging, Elvis has resumed negotiations with more local retail stores. He has already secured a contract to supply Bush Valley Supermarket in Tzaneen, amongst others. In stores where his branded eggs are sold, there has been a huge support for the business.

This change in fortunes has also translated into improved business confidence, revenues and a 5% increase in profits.

Manopi workers are also smiling as the retail contracts have resulted in their temporary contracts being made permanent.