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NM Restoration   
The closure of a mine may seem like an economic dead-end but an innovative entrepreneur can find business opportunities, even in this situation. NM Restoration is a partnership of three entrepreneurs – Neil MacDonald, Corneels Links and Dudley Wessels – who rehabilitate areas of mined land by re-planting indigenous species and restoring the land to its natural state. They operate in the Namaqualand area of the Northern Cape, and started out by employing 15 workers from a pool of 47 who were trained in topsoil handling, identification of local plant species and other land restoration skills.
The company had the following challenge:

Although NM Restoration is not aware of any competitor businesses in the area, they still struggled to make their business visible to customers until they approached Seda.
 Solution by Seda
Seda provided a full range of promotional material, including business cards, vehicle signage, branded clothing and other tools to market the business.
Distributing business cards and presenting a more visible and professional image to potential customers has reaped dividends via a 300% increase in profit, enabling the company to create ten new jobs and boost their staff complement to 25 total. Seda aims to enhance these gains by referring NM Restoration to the Succulent Karoo Ecosystem Programme (Skeppies) for grant funding.