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Neli Rose Retirement Home   

It is said that most business ideas are triggered life events and experiences, and the Neli Rose Retirement Home is one of those. Business owners, the Kwonglees, were inspired by their mother’s experience to set up a home for the elderly requiring care in their frail stage. With their mother suffering from Alzheimer disease and needed frail care, the Kwonglees realised that the shortage of facilities in their area was a business opportunity and their chance to create jobs.

The main aim of the business is to provide a holistic, respectful and general nursing home care to the elderly. It started operating in 2010 after a market research was conducted and which showed the potential viability of the business. Thereafter the Kwonglees converted their house in Eastlynn into a home care village. The facility received its first resident immediately after opening its doors in 2010, and there was a gradual increase in numbers to 23 in 2013.

As with most start up business, Neli Rose needed interventions that would lead to cash injections into the business, business management skills and good positioning for the business. The business needed a new business plan that would help drive its growth strategy.

After Seda conducted a business assessment, an immediate step undertaken was to assist the business in designing and developing a website and related marketing tools. These were to assist the business to portray a more professional business image as well as improve exposure.

“Our turnover improved, due to marketing material provided by Seda, clients passing the Home see the big board in front by the gate. I could also give out my business cards and flyers were also distributed at different hospitals and the results were amazing,” says Ms Kwonglee.

With the new marketing initiatives implemented, the business received more business and was able to improve its turn over from R320 000 to R1,117milion a year.

The business grew so much that we had to employ more staff. We have 12 staff members in total at the moment,” says Ms Kwonglee. The business started with 3 employees in 2010.