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Rooiwal Co-operative   

Learning to fly

Co-operatives face many challenges. The Rooiwal Co-operative, which began in 1999 with 17 members, was no exception. Their initial focus was knitting, but the venture never took off. The group turned their attention to Broiler Production even though they had little knowledge about it as well as lack of business skills.

Seda helped with a structured mentorship programme which covered all areas of the business such as broiler production, bookkeeping and recording, selling and pricing as well as marketing and management.

The Department of Health funded the erection of six boiler houses that got the business underway.

With Seda’s help, Rooiwal Co-operative reduced the mortality of the birds from 10% to an average of 3.5%, which is the industry norm. Turnover has increased by 23% and profitability by 17%.