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Rule Slate & Tile Co-operation   

Slated for success

Rule Slate and Tile cooperative, established in 2007, produces slate tiles. The waste from the slate tiles, paving and building bricks is crushed to produce crusher stones.

Seda’s help has been invaluable. They were assisted to develop a business plan, which enabled the cooperative to receive R3 million funding from NEF for purchasing land and equipment. NEF also appointed a mentor to guide them on marketing, financial guidance and administration.

Seda has also funded their Financial Provision for Rehabilitation permit to the value of R60 000, helped with the re-registration of the Cooperative in accordance with the Cooperative Act no.14 of 2005 and produced marketing material such as brochures, business cards and display stands.

Through Seda’s assistance Rule Slate was able to exhibit in Botswana. NDA also injected a grant fund of R1.2 million which will assist in improving financial gearing leverage.

These interventions have resulted in the business getting off the ground. It currently has 5 members, 18 employees and 50 sub-contracted employees.