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Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre   
Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre started operating in August 2007. The centre offers a truly unique wildcat experience where visitors are given the opportunity to meet captive-bred furry felines, living in a semi-natural environment. Seda's intervention and guidance has given owners, Len and Mandy Freeman, the capacity to allow those who love the to step into the world of the charismatic cheetah, enjoy a cat and mouse game with South Africa's seldom seen lesser indigeneous cats and meet the rare Anthill Tiger.
The company had the following challenge:

The challenge for Tenikwa was battling with projections as well as how to market themselves.
 Solution by Seda
Seda assisted duo in drawing up a business plan and to make sound finacial projects. This assessment indicated where they needed to increase marketing and expenditure in order to achieve the right footprint to the centre
In the first twelve months of operation, Tenikwa experienced a 300% growth, they have been featured on 50/50, a wildlife television programme for their rehabilitation efforts
 From the desk of Griffith Albert
“We have continually referred colleagues to Seda en- courage them to take the opportunity to use the support that Seda can give them. It’s almost unbelievable that small businesses have the support structure of Seda to rely on, at no charge, and every single SMME should take advantage of this fantastic service".