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Seda Business Grow


Welcome to Seda Business Grow, the part of the website that focuses on helping you grow your business! At this stage of development, you seek a strategic partner that could review and challenge you to take actions toward more sustainable growth. As the SME specialist agency of the dti, seda is ideally positioned to assist you in this consolidation phase.
So how exactly do you grow a viable and sustainable business? Seda Business Grow has the same programmes Seda Business Build. However, at this stage of development, the focus is different. The programmes are designed to help you with;
Business Assessment and Diagnostic Tools:
  • Conduct an in-depth assessment of your business’ needs for sustained growth
  • Provide customised solutions with direct access to Seda’s network of service providers
Business Management:
Management Systems / Technology:
  • Receive technical support such as ISO Accreditation Product Improvement, Market Penetration and Tender Support from Seda branches
Trade point Programme: