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​Selected South African links

Customer relations articles - Bizland
Useful articles on customer relations.
Keeping and losing customers
Running a small or growing business can be a constant battle - there's often so little time for planning ahead. Yet, as well as devoting some time to your business plan and strategy, putting some planning into sales can also yield plenty of benefit in the long run. These ideas are only a start - of course you will have others which are perhaps more applicable to your business. The secret, of course, is to plan ahead. Almost every business has some form of seasonality, a time of year that represents their biggest push. Like a good wedding speech, your promotional ideas need to be thoughtfully put together, inspired and original, and massaged into shape before unveiling to your public. Word of mouth, marketing, advertising and public relations can bring customers into your business, but here are some tips on how to keep them.
Responding to change
On this page from Microsoft SA's website, the following topics are discussed:
  • Sell more for Less
  • Reassess your Target Markets
  • Make your Business a Destination
  • Become a Trusted Expert
  • Announce how you've Changed for the Better
Building a brand - Microsoft SA
Having a brand can differentiate your business from your competitors and drive customer loyalty. And branding isn’t just for multi-nationals with huge budgets: small and medium firms can create an effective brand by examining how the business works, what it means to its customers and acting on the results.
Satisfy customers - maximise profits
Learn how low-cost e-mail strategies, effective websites and collaborative extranets can help even the smallest businesses expand their reach to new customers and develop stronger ties to existing customers.
Smarter marketing
Finding effective, low-cost ways to reach new customers and keep existing customers happy is all about getting creative and getting efficient.