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​Seda Business Talk


Are you thinking about having your own business? If your answer is "yes", then talk to Seda where you will get practical answers and guidance about your first steps into business, saving you precious time and money.


Here we will give you basic advice on, among others:

  • What you need to start a business

  • How to test if your idea can and will work

  • Where else you can get help about starting your bus​iness

  • Information on business incubation

We encourage you to visit any one of our branches countrywide where our staff will give you more information on our Business Talk programmes that are designed to help you. There are a number of training courses that you can attend at Seda. Our Business Advisors will explain to you how our Seda Start-up 1 training can offer you practical steps to plan, prepare, start and manage your business. They will also encourage you to attend our Seda Talk Seminars which offer basic information on: -

  • Co-operatives - find out more about Seda’s Co-operative and CPPP Programme

  • Entrepreneurship - find out more about what an entrepreneur is

  • Franchise - find out how to go about acquiring a franchise

At this stage of your investigation, you may be reading about "starting your business", but you have not yet made that decision as yet. In this section of the website, seda "talks" to you about starting a business. Once you have finished with this section, you should be in a position to decide whether or not to start your business.


So , let’s talk business!​