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​​​​Press Release

​​​​ Seda Pitch and Perfect Season 4 regional competitions
04 September 2019 ​​
​​​​ South African designers showcase Mzansi fashion at Torino Fashion Week in Italy
25 June 2019 
​​​​​ Pitch & Perfect Winner 2018
30 May 2019
​​​​ Welcoming the new Minister and deputy Minister​​​​​​​​
03 June 2019
​​​​ Launch of the new manufacturing facility of Fixtrade 1800 CC
26 April 2018

​​​​ Deputy Minister of Small Business Hands over Tools and Equipment
31 August 2018​
​​​​​ Seda and its stakeholders gathered to celebrate achievements and recognise strides
02 November 2018
​​​​ Minister of Small Business and Development introduced the work of the Sefa and the Seda
16 May 2018
​​​​​ The Committee was briefed by the SEDA and the SEFA on their Fourth Quarter Report
05 September 2018​​
​​​​ SEDA presentation dealt with its Mandate, Performance per Programme, Performance Trends Analysis & Human Resources
11 October 2018
​​​​ DSBD met with the Portfolio Committee on Small Business Development to give a briefing on its involvement in R1.5 billion
07 March 2018
​​​​ DSBD briefed the Committee on incubators supported by the Department, Network Facilitators, Service Providers and Gazelles
13 June 2018
​​​​ DSBD briefed the Portfolio Committee on Small Business Development on its 2018/19 Annual Performance Plans and budget
​25 April 2018
​​​​ The Portfolio Committee met with the DSBD to discuss the Department’s quarter 3 annual performance report
14 March 2018
​​​​ DSBD addressed the Committee on the progress it had made in aligning functions that were still located in other departments.
21 February 2018
​​​​​ Committee was briefed by the DPSA on the annual performance plan of the Department of Small Business Development.
18 April 2018
​​​​ The Committee was briefed by the Auditor-General of South Africa
10 October 2018